About Coach Marco

Marco Chak


Born and raised: Macau, China

Ethnicity: Cantonese

Lived in: Macau, Edinburgh, Vancouver, San Francisco

Personal Values

Heart: Being in love with all of life.

Growth: Forever continuous self-improvement.

Freedom: Option to follow my curiosity.

Impact: Make a positive difference in this world. 

How I would Describe Myself

A person who is innately curious and loves to learn and grow. 

A person who has lots of dreams and working to turn it into reality.

A person who is connecting himself to spirit, source, universe, god. 

Personal Interests

Basketball, Renewable energy, Freestyle rapping, Bringing people together through events.

People that have coached me


Certified Coach From Empowerment Coaching Academy

Coached 15+ Clients | 7th year into my personal development journey.

My Favourite Personal Development Books


Hardest Challenges That I Had To Go Through

Getting over a 9 year long crush.

Letting go of how people think of me. 

My parent’s separation during middle school.

Learning how to be in-control of my inner critic and ego.

Feeling lost and depressed from not knowing what I want in life.

I'm Your Perfect Coach If You Are...

Someone who’s young and committed to grow.


Someone who is open minded and is willing to put in the work.

Someone who wants to make a positive difference in this world. 

My 3 months Signature program

  • The program is designed to empower clients to become a conscious leader of their inner dialogue so that they can direct themselves to be their highest version, and also designed to help clients develop their personalised growth systems to achieve forever continuous growth.
  • For lasting transform, the program implements a complete approach and focuses on the client’s past, present, future, as well as the mind, body, and soul.

My Coaching Philosophy

 I am not here to solve your problems, but to empower you to solve any problems. 

 I take a mind, body, soul approach to ensure each aspect of my client is taken care of.

 I define my coaching success by my client’s ability to improve and thrive on their own. 

My Coaching Method

1. I get deep into my client’s subconscious mind to release any limiting beliefs and blockages to rewire their mind for success. 

2. I help my clients become more aware of their inner dialogue and help them feel more empowered by it.  

3. I develop a personalise system with my clients to help them achieve forever growth.

4. In addition to coaching calls, I would send you relevant content to consume to accelerate your growth – brain food! 

Be Your Greatest Possible Version.Kickstart Your Transformation Today.

My Life Story.

Hi, nice to meet you. First of all welcome to Divicati and thanks for taking the time to learn more about us – appreciate it. This is my life story if you want to know me better. Sit back and relax and hope you enjoy the read.
I was born in Macao, China and raised at an Asian household, I was always conditioned heavily by parents. We are taught to listen and never speak back. As much as I felt that it wasn’t right, it was the norm and I learned the accept it. I brought this habit into my academic life as well – accepting the beliefs that teachers instilled in me. Don’t get me wrong, some are good, but some really hindered my ability to be who I am. As I grow and started to go inwards it’s only then that I peeled back the layers of beliefs and started to realise that “Wow, why do I think that making money is difficult? Oh.. it’s because that’s what my parents believed. Mhmm… why do I believe that I am not smart? Oh.. it’s because my primary school teacher made me feel dumb.” I held these beliefs in me as a kid without even knowing that they were affecting me. In fact, I started to look for evidence to support these beliefs “Yeah..money is scarce, yeah… I am just not one of the “smart” kids.” I lived this way for the majority of my childhood, accepting beliefs that were imposed in me, rarely having the skill to think for myself. 

Everything started to change when my parents separated when I was in middle school. My parent’s separation made me reflect a lot, it felt as if my childhood ended when I heard the news. I was no longer the youngest kid in the house, I became the only boy in the house, and in my mind, I had to grow up fast to be a man. I had put on this belief on myself that I needed to succeed and “figure it out” because daddy was no longer at home. I went through one of the first transitional period of my life where I went inwards and found my source of motivation to be better and try harder in life. One thing led to another, I started to explore my interest which was entrepreneurship. Still in middle school, following this interest, my friends and I got the inspiration of hosting a hotel pool party after watching the movie “Project X”. We got a room, created a Facebook event, got the “supplies”, and spread the word around. We didn’t know if this would all work out until the day of the party. Slowly but steadily people started showing up and by the end of the night we had more than 100+ teenagers partying like in the movie. This was my first taste of entrepreneurial success which made me fell in love with the process and also gave me a new identity and focus.

Entering high school, I continued to explore my entrepreneurial interest. Every summer, I would use my time to come up with new project ideas and I founded a clothing line with my buddy in the summer of 2014. This was the second major transitioned for me as now I saw myself as an entrepreneur and dove deep into what it is all about. For the first time, I had the drive to do better in school and equip myself with knowledge and skills because I understand for my business to grow, I had to grow. I would spend time learning about the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and would hype myself up listening to empowering speeches from figures like Steve Jobs. I started doing better in school, from a B student to a B+ student, then to an A student. Momentum started to pickup, after my clothing venture, I started a food cart business and interned at a startup the next summer.

Graduating high school, I followed my passion for entrepreneurship and decided to take my talents to the Bay Area. I went in with the goal of “making it”, becoming the next great Silicon Valley startup founder. There I experienced another major transition in myself. It was for the first time that I was living away from home and was exposed to so many brilliant minds. Apart from my business education from University, I would invest my weekends attending any talks, hackathons, conferences I could get myself into. It was in San Francisco that I was expose the idea of personal development, self-growth, the idea of working on your self to be a better you. I was already doing this since high school, but “Wow, it’s actually a thing?” I met brilliant people from Stanford, Google, and Berkeley. We shared great conversations and worked together in some projects and I found myself being able to hang with these intellectual folks. It was at those moments where I was able to pause for a second and think, wait for a second, “I am not that smart, remember? I am not supposed to be here.” The collection of these little moments sparks the shift in my paradigm. I realise lots of my beliefs were just ideas that other people have put on me that I chose to believe. I started to think for myself and replaced old beliefs with new ones – I am capable, my brain is malleable, I can get better. Being around other people who were invested in their self-growth exposed me to concepts and tools such as growth mindset, meditation, journaling, podcast, and more reading. As the eager 18-year-old who wanted to succeed for his family, I took in all the tools I could to equip myself. My growth sky-rocked and I was loving who I was becoming. As much as I love the city of San Francisco, my intuition told me that the University I attended wasn’t the best fit for me and I should explore other options. This thought inside me couldn’t go away and I followed it which led me all the way to the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland for my second year of business education.

Scotland was totally different from the sunny San Francisco that I was accustomed to. The rainy days and conventional teaching style didn’t align with my sunny rebellious personality. I started to hate myself for making this change. I took a gamble to come into a bigger school, but it caused me pain and I am paying for the consequence. This pattern of thought kept lingering in my mind and I couldn’t forgive myself. I fell into a state of depression for the first time of my life. I spend most of my time alone in my room and the gloomy Edinburgh weather was the perfect representation of my feelings. When the night sets in and the streets are empty, I would take my bike out for a ride to reflect and cleanse my thoughts. I would use this time to go deep within and ask myself questions to understand my own mind. “How can I make my life better, when was the happiest time of my life, what are some things I have to go through?” These meditative reflections were my tools to get by. Every time I did one of these session, insights and ideas would come to me and started to see solutions to my life problems. These sessions help me gain immense of self-awareness. I dug deep and realise that my depression and fears were caused more than just my academic life. With the support of friends and Coach Corey whom I met in San Francisco, I gradually pulled myself out of the rut. I read books such as the Slight Edge, Think and Grow Rich and spend lots of time watching personal development videos to get me through. As much as this period sucked, immense growth occurred. As I started to be somewhat myself again, I had the opportunity to be the personal development division leader within the University’s Entrepreneurship Society. I took the chance and started hosting weekly workshops on what I studied that particular week. I started sharing insights on the Law of Attraction, energy, growth mindset…etc I also invited life coaches as guest speakers for our workshops. It was from these workshop that I met Matt Brown who would become my second life coach. Apart from my daily reflective night sessions, what helped me grew the most was honestly the coaching sessions from Coach Corey and Matt. Each week I would Skype them and talk to them about the challenges, goals and beliefs I am going through. After each 30 – 60mins session I would leave a little more transformations, sometimes it is just one idea that propels us forward in life. These two men helped me cultivate more awareness of what I am capable of and allowed me to be vulnerable with myself. I realise that apart from the beliefs that society has imposed on me, I had lots of ideas and expectations on myself on “who I need to become”. This pressure was good in the sense that it motivated me but at the same time, it was forbidding me to live in the present and to truly love myself. These series of revelation sparked a new growth spurt and every month I feel like I was evolving into a better me.

After experiencing the power of coaching, I had the idea of being one myself and enrolled in a coaching course in the summer of 2017. I took the course and didn’t think much about it as an exciting new journey was waiting for me in Vancouver, Canada. I was lucky enough to get accepted into the University of British Columbia as an exchange student for the year. Now in Vancouver, being a little bit more free from my past, I had more in me to discover what I want to create for myself. However, despite being in a city that I clicked with, and in a university that had the size and intimate learning environment that I was looking for, I wasn’t still not the motivated Marco that I thought I would be. Something wasn’t right and I didn’t have enough self-awareness to realise what was causing these emotions. With time I realise that I still have a lot of inner battles to overcome. Issues of self-worth, self-love, self-trust and money mindset were some of the major themes that I had to learn about. I started implementing yoga and meditation practices that I learned from my time in India. I read books on spirituality to understand my soul and I slowly opened up my heart. I realised that I blocked out my heart to feel for the longest time because I was afraid to be emotionally invested in anything. It was my way of protecting myself and it worked, but closing my heart didn’t allow me to love myself and feel the colours that life had to offer. On top of that, I was battling with the thought of having to go back to Edinburgh for my last year of University. I didn’t want to but at the same time, I was too scared to take the unconventional route of dropping out or just taking a gap year. I kept procrastinating with this decision for the longest time. Again, it was my coaches that were there to help me go through this journey and sparked another period of growth which lead me attend a business conference in Dallas, Texas after a spirituality enlightening school year in Canada.

Be Your Greatest Possible Version.Kickstart Your Transformation Today.