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Most frequent questions and answers
Life coaching is all about guiding you to maximise your full potential to get from where you are to where you need to be. It involves lots of active listening, inquiring and occasionally feedback all with the aim to help you access the resourcefulness that is always available within. 

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your life, to make yourself better, to help you get to the next level – hiring a life coach is definitely one great investment for those purpose. By working with a life coach you would have a caring person that’s dedicated to listen to whatever you want direct your attention to, a person that challenges you, encourages you, and to keep you accountability all with the purpose to help you accelerate your growth and achieve an extraordinary life.

The flow of the coaching session will depend particularly on your needs. However, here is a typical structure. 1) Identify the areas of life you want to improve 2) Identify the vision in each of area that needs attention 3) Understand the motives behind the vision 4) Dig deep into the psychology between you and the vision 5) Set actionable goals to get closer to the vision and lastly, 5) Hold you accountable to deliver the results. All coaching session will be done through voice or video call. *If you are in Macau, send us a message if you prefer in person sessions, we will try our best to arrange those for you.

  • Accelerate growth 
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Achieve goals and vision
  • Increase clarity and motivation 
  • Improve happiness and wellness
  • Improve fulfilment and life balance 
  • Get over limiting beliefs / conditioning 
The role of a life coach is to listen and ask great questions to help you view your life in different perspectives. People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and it’s the coach’s job to elicit the answers and intuition that has always reside within. As a coach, our job is never to tell you want to do, our duty is to empower you with tools to help you better connect with yourself to get the best out you.  

Life coaching is best for coachable individuals that are searching and ready for more in their lives. Traits that makes someone coachable are honesty, humility, introspective, committed, and open minded.

Life coaching is all about transformation and improvement. Expect to step out of your comfort-zone, to try new things, to be challenged, to reflect a lot, to grow a lot and become a better version of yourself.

To fully maximise the coaching sessions, here are some helpful tips. Be on time for coaching sessions, reflect on the issues you want to discuss prior to the coaching sessions, mediate a little or apply other mindfulness practices before the sessions to help you be present and engaged. During sessions, always speak your mind and heart freely as we never judge, and when answering questions take your time and try your best to go as deep as you can. 

For life coaching to work, it will require tremendous amount of introspection from the client. To build this safe environment for vulnerability, there will a confidentiality agreement contract where everything we discuss in the coaching session would stay in the coaching session to ensure your privacy stays private.

Be Your Greatest Possible Version.Kickstart Your Transformation Today.

The Coaching Process.

Sign Up For A Complimentary Coaching Session
If our services resonates, you can proceed by signing-up for a coaching session by scheduling a time and filling in a quick questionnaire. We will review your application and let you know if we are a good match within 24 hours.
Hop On A Coaching call
Experience The Power of Coaching
If we are a match, we will hop on a 60 mins call, which is all about getting to know each other and giving you an experience of the power of coaching.
Hop On A Coaching call
A new beginning awaits
Commit To The Perfect Coaching Plan
After the discovery call, if are a good fit, we will proceed by crafting the perfect coaching plan, complete the payment and establish a schedule for our coaching sessions. If we are not a match, no worries, let's stay in touch and I am sure we would reconnect when the time is right.
A new beginning awaits
The journey begins
Execute the Coaching Plan Together
To achieve your transformation, we would execute the coaching plan together by hoping on a bi-weekly 60mins online coaching call via Zoom. You will leave each coaching session with valuable insights and action steps to take you closer to your best possible version.
The journey begins
We got your back
On Going Support
You will have ongoing support from our coaches. We will keep you accountability by checking in with you and sending you personalised resources periodically between the coaching sessions. You would also have access to email / Whatsapp for some quick support if ever needed.
We got your back
expereince change
Experience a New You
After a series of coaching sessions, you will feel totally different - achieving what you were looking for from life coaching whether that be a new mindset, a plan or a set of interpersonal skills; an investment that will benefit you for a life time.
expereince change

Our Coaching Approach.

1:1 Coaching

All of our coaching sessions are done one on one through voice or video call. We will adjust our coaching style to match our client's needs to ensure the best possible experience.

Positive Psychology

We implement a positive psychology approach where we focus on what's right with our clients instead of what's wrong.


Wheel of Life

Our coaching approach also ensures that our clients are winning in all parts of life. It's not all about money, relationships, spirituality, career.. our coaching is designed to achieve balance and growth in all areas of life.


We also embrace the empowerment coaching philosophy where all of our coachings are intended to not merely solve your problems but to help you transform into the person you need to be to achieve life long growth.

“Everything in life starts with you. You are the ultimate product."

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