Conscious Flow: What Went Through My Mind on the Night of My 22nd Birthday.

I celebrated my 22nd birthday with my friends. Started at my house with some homemade mojitos. First time making it, a little too much rum but it’s a good start. After two hours of good vibes, we headed to turn up at the club. I was looking forward to it as COVID has put a pause on partying for a while.

I took the taxi ride with two new friends I just met. My curious nature got me asking about their dreams and vision. One said he doesn’t really know but ultimately wants to be his own boss. The other said he is doing chemical engineering but doesn’t like it. What he wants to do is produce music but his parents and Macau’s environment doesn’t permit him to do so. I stopped him right there and said: “Hey man, I asked you about your dreams, not why it can’t be achieved.” They were both like, “Shit man, you right. You’re a real one.” I told them I got to keep it a hundred and call out bs when I hear it.

RANT: So often, we allow our internal negativity to stop us from going for our dreams. Believing in that narrative gives us a temporary pass to live incongruently inside our comfort-zone until 20 years down the “safe” route we wake up and face a mid-life crisis. That’s why it’s so important to answer the tough-ass questions while we are young. It’s coming anyway, therefore avoidance is not a smart play. Let’s dive headfirst into these questions as we still have time to venture our way to clarity.

If you are someone that thinks you have a lot of time to defer on your life purpose, I would love to share my perspective to see if it will help you reconsider.

Most people I talk to want to have a family before 30 and want to date at least 3 years before settling down. If you are one of these people, this means you have to get your personal and spiritual development down by 27 to attract your Soul Mate or Twin Flame. If you start your career at 22, you have 5 years to make that happen. It’s definitely doable within 5 years but even with that time frame it requires some serious grind. Imagine if you waste a couple of years here and there, it will result in a lot of catching up to do. I know we can fuck up until our late age and still be capable of making it. Colonel Sander founded Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 62. Everyone’s growth happens in our divine timing, but setting a solid foundation in our early 20’s will make things so much easier since we could leverage The Slight Edge Effect.

“I also made a video version. Feel free to check it out. **Must Watch from 14:34. Time stamps in the comment section.”

Back to the conversation with the boys. At this point, a little bit of my coaching hat was on and I was asking him whether he can pursue his music path whilst pursuing his education. That got him thinking a little bit. I also gave an example of how a group of young artists in Macau collaborated to put on a show together. So 100% his dream can be achieved, just like most of ours. The juice here is just to take the big first step to pursue our dreams despite the voice of our inner demons.


This conversation got us from the elevator to the club, and I was super grateful that I was able to share a passionate side of me in an authentic way to someone I have just met. These are the little moments that I live for – passionate conversations to help each other grow.


Speaking about authenticity. Taking off my mask is one of the things that I want to do now that I am 22. This is one of the reasons why I am writing this. A space for my consciousness to flow without too much analysing. There are probably lots of grammatical mistakes in here. But hey it’s okay, just flow. I am just seeing this as a great space for me to honestly express myself to the world. And more importantly, to myself.


I headed into the club with the intention to dance, celebrate and have great fun. Honestly, I used to have lots of expectations for meeting some ladies at the club and whatnot. But nowadays, that outcome is way less. I’m just there to enjoy myself, share the vibe and things will naturally unfold itself. I guess I used to be too caught up in getting with someone that I forgot to have fun, which is the purpose of clubbing right? I saw every girl through a sexual lens, which caused a lot of stiffness and anxiety. Now my energy is coming from a “let’s party frame” – we are all just human beings here to have a good time. So my focus is on sharing my love and my positive energy. I am not saying to be all passive. If I do see someone that I am attracted to, I will still approach. But when I do, the energy is much lighter and fun. I guess what also helps is also not being so self-conscious and in-search for love externally to complete myself. I remember I used to have a million thoughts racing through my head especially when I see someone attractive. Now, through meditation and ecstatic dance, I learned to channel my awareness to my body and heart. Completely letting go and allowing my body to flow in whatever way it desires. The funny thing is through this frame of  enjoying myself and radiating positive energy, naturally a lot of ladies like to party around. So I guess the good old saying be yourself does work!

Moving on from my mindset at the club, one thing I observed is how other people were behaving at the venue. This is a mere observation and not a judgement. I saw a lot of people that were having fun, but I also saw lots of people that were not. Not sure what the underlying issue was but I had a sense it was about “he said that, she did that type of problem.” And I am just thinking, is that drama worth your happiness? The crazy thing is most of these people were 20 something – the upcoming generation. We are the future, and yet I don’t feel like the level of maturity has been elevated. I don’t want to sound arrogant but there’s an obvious difference in how people that are into personal growth carry themselves versus those who aren’t – there’s great power in mindset. Our mind heavily influences the way we interpret reality – glass half empty, half full. I guess I just want the world to be happier and not let little bs affect us. The truth is most of us are a slave to our thoughts. We are constantly chasing pleasure after pleasure. Is the monkey is running the show, or is it you? Through mindfulness practise, we can increase the gap between the stimulus and thought which permits us to consciously choose our response. I see lots of people, especially guys operating from an ego level of consciousness. The constant need to feel superior to seek validation from the external world. I am not saying I am immune to this, I still have lots of work to do on myself so I can feel Oneness with the world.

What’s the Oneness experience? This is kind of going into the spiritual side of things, but a lot of people who have a psychedelic, near-death or Enlightenment experiences have reported feeling one with the world. I can’t explain what it is because I haven’t experienced it yet. But the point I am trying to make is that knowing this part of ourselves and our relationship with God is the most profound question we could ask. And yet, I feel the majority of people are not seeking to know themselves this deeply. Pursuing this question should be a top priority for people who are ready. With all that’s going on in this world, one way for humanity to significantly progress is to harness the power of the collective to lift each other to experience that we are all one. Right now I am researching heart coherency, Unified Field, Maharishi effect, Power of Intention, Enlightenment and more to experience this. Lots of learning until I reach it, but I will keep sharing the good stuff as I discover it.

So yeah, all those thoughts were going on in my mind while vibing to what the DJ was bumping. Funny enough my heart was sort of heavy in the club. I don’t know why it was like that. I am quite sensitive to my chakras. What helped was channelling my energy to my heart space and after a while, I was good again. I wish there was a club in the future that played high-frequency music, serving high vibe beverages and sorts, bringing people together and helping elevate each other’s consciousness. That would be such a dope place to party at!

After a solid 2 and a half hours of partying, it was time to go home. It was super fun, met some new friends, reconnected with some of the old. It was one of the best nights I ever had in Macau. I am super grateful. 

Conscious flow writing is actually quite enjoyable. I might do more of these. I am not sure why I flowed into these topics. I hope it was relevant and enjoyable for you. I guess I will leave with one last message. The world needs us – especially us young fellas. It’s time to tap into ourselves and be that creative, free, loving, motivated leader I know you are. It’s time to tap into our ultimate potential and give our unique contribution. It’s time to follow our hearts and not allow our negative voice to determine our destiny. Despite what’s going on with the world, I am still optimistic because we are more powerful than we think we are. If enough people live congruently to our heart’s calling, I know collectively we will make significant positive change. The hero’s journey is a tough but rewarding one. Anything is possible. Ask and it’s given. Follow the Omens. The Universe will be there to guide us. 

Thank you for spending your precious time with me here.

Much love,
Marco 🙏💛

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