Congratulations on taking action! And thank you for considering Divicati. We are pleased to see you here.

Here are some information on the Discovery Coaching Session.

What is the intention of the complimentary coaching session?

The discovery coaching session is designed for you to experience the power of coaching to determine if it’s the right investment for you. It’s also a great way for us to get a feel if our energy and communication style is a good match since the compatibility between the coach and the client is a key part to the coaching success. 

How does a typical session look like?

1.  Coach and client will spend some time to get to know each other. 

2. Coach will examine the macro picture of your life. 

3. Client will receive coaching on the most important problem or goal.

4. Client will receive valuable insights and practical action steps. 

5. Feedback for each other and discussion on next steps. 

Duration: 60 mins. 

What you would get by the end of the session.

1.  A mini transformation; fresh insights and perspectives.  

2. A clearer macro and micro picture of your life. 

3. A sense of relief, confidence, and assurance. 

4. A practical game plan to move forward. 

If this sound good to you, complete the booking in 2 easy steps!

Step 1) Pick a Time For That Works Best For You

Fun. Explorative. Effective. 

Step 2) Fill in the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire (5 - 10 mins)

This will help us know you better, making the session more productive. 

You Are All Set! We Will Get Back To You Within 24 Hours.

We will do a thorough review of your application and will get back to you within 24 hours to inform if our service is the right fit for you. We have this system in place to ensure that you will receive the coaching that’s right for your needs. Thank you so much for considering Divicati, you are appreciated.  💛☮️

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