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Apply For Your Coaching Call in 2 Simple Steps.

Step 1) Schedule a time that works best for you in the calendar below.

Step 2) After scheduling, you'll be directed to short application form. It's designed to maximise our time during the coaching call. * We can't hold your session without an application.

*Please note: We only approve to work with clients who are able and committed to invest in themselves. If this sounds like you, apply below.

Step 1) Schedule a Time For That Works Best For You

FAQ About the Complimentary Coaching Call.

What is the intention of the Complimentary Coaching Call?

The Coaching Call is designed for you to experience the power of coaching to determine if it’s the right investment for you. It’s also a great way for the Coach and Client to feel each other’s energy and communication style. This is very important as the synergy between the Coach and the Client plays a crucial factor to the coaching success.

How does a typical session look like?

1.  Coach and client will spend some time to get to know each other. 

2. Coach will examine the macro picture of your life. 

3. Client will receive coaching on the most important problem or goal.

4. Client will receive valuable insights and practical action steps. 

5. If it’s a match, discussion on next steps on how to work together. 

Duration: 60 mins. 

What you would get by the end of the session.

1.  A mini transformation; fresh insights and perspectives.  

2. A clearer picture of the macro and micro of your life. 

3. A sense of relief, confidence, and assurance. 

4. An action step to help you move forward with your life. 

5. Clarity on whether Coaching is the right investment for you.