About Us

Our Vision: Humanity in Harmony

We come to work every day because we are inspired by our vision – to live in a world where humanity is in harmony. Success to us is defined by how much closer we are to our vision. Divicati is only a small company right now but we have the vision to build a worldwide network of Divicati coaches to spark a global movement where personal development and wellness is adopted by the mainstream. It’ll be in schools, media, companies and institutions. Divicati will be all around the world and each city there will be a Divicati personal development community to stimulate in-person connections. Annually Divicati will create one of the most inspiring and empowering personal development conferences that the world has ever seen. Gathering top Divicati coaches and other thought leaders of the world under one roof to share knowledge to help each other grow. Through our efforts, wisdom and truth would be spread creating positive ripple effects. We will live in a world where people are more 

connected with themselves and with each other than ever before. Harmony, love, peace and happiness would be abundant around us. Humanity would realise and appreciate the magic that we all live in – that we all connected, divine, and from a place of love. We imagine how the world would be if humanity is in harmony and strive to focus our energy in creating that reality.

Our Values.

Growth: Embrace continuous learning and always seek ways to improve.

Heart: Always put our heart into the work we do.

Question: Be curious, question why things are, and challenge the status quo.

Team: Put ego aside and play together as a team.

Impact: Create a positive ripple effect through the work we do.

Our Mission: Create a More Conscious Loving World

Divicati is born out of the notion that we are all divine beings and it’s time that we become more aware to this fact – we all are more than we perceive and all of us deserves an extraordinary life. We created this company to help people realise the potential, gifts and happiness that has always reside within them and strive to be the catalyst to help people express this beauty outwards. We believe that as more people embrace the true identity of who they are; happiness, empowerment, and fulfilment would be the natural byproduct of this intention. By knowing our true powers, it will liberate us from the limitations and stigmas that society and ourselves have programmed us to believe. By increasing our awareness it will help us know that we are 

the creator of our reality and empower us all to create a life that we are dreamed of. As more people join into this conscious movement, it will create a tipping point where personal development will be adopted as a norm in society. Ultimately, elevate collect consciousness will allow us to access freely from a place of love, cooperate and see the human race as a united species – creating a more conscious and loving world. 

Our Beliefs.

We believe in human potential and that every human is here on this planet because of their own reason and purpose. Everyone has their unique gifts and it’s our responsibility to find and express it. We believe that if everyone strived to investigate themselves, they will experience true empowerment that is unattainable from other sources. They will blossom into a higher version of themselves and will experience sustainable happiness and an increased capacity to create the reality they want to live in. Believing in what we believe, Divicati is in the business of being the catalyst to help people discover the treasures within, helping people live their best lives, spreading truths to inform people their true capabilities, elevating human consciousness all with an ultimate purpose to create more happiness, peace and loving energy in the world. 

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