10 Things To Do If You Are Lost After University

Why I Wrote This 

After coaching more than 40 fresh grads and college students, I learned that people experience the usual sets of problems of not knowing what their passions, purpose, vision and path are. If you are experiencing similar problems, no worries. In the following article, I have consolidated my learnings from coaching into 10 actionable ideas to help out my fellow brother and sisters. Hope this helps, and please enjoy!

1. Stop Worrying 😌

Take control of your mind. That’s where everything starts. If you haven’t figured things out, relax. It’s normal. Don’t amplify your internal suffering by being attached to any particular outcome. Take care of today, and it will take care of tomorrow. Be guided by love rather than fear. Tap into inspiration rather than desperation. Have faith, trust, let go, and ask for help. Know you are guided. Be aware of negativity, fear, doubt, and worry. They are low vibrational energies that do not serve you. Limit overthinking. Understand that you are not your thoughts, but rather the consciousness that is aware of the thoughts. Beware of the stories you tell yourself. Rewire your mind and let go of old disserving beliefs and identities. Be the hero, not the victim. Learn how to accept the worst-case scenario, which helps you let go. Do the next best step you know, and take it one step at a time. Keep swimming. 

2. Focus on What You Can Control 🎯

Under these circumstances, our options may be limited. But focus on what you control rather than what you can’t control. Where focus goes, energy flows. So make sure you are focusing on what you have, not what you don’t have. What you can do, not what you can’t do. What you want, not what you don’t want. Be proactive, not reactive. Simple stuff, but where you insert your energy, you will amplify and attract more of it. So make sure you are a conscious consumer of your energy. Limit complaining. Shift to a high vibrational state. Brainstorm all the possibilities. Let the juices flow. Don’t let fear limit your imagination. Be flexible, be adaptive, be radically open minded. Again, where focus goes, energy flows. Where are you directing your energy? 

3. Rest & Heal 🧘‍♀️

This is an amazing time to rest and heal. If you don’t have the time now, when will you ever? Everyone has their traumas, heartaches, limiting beliefs, energy blockages, injuries, wounds…etc With the world at a slower pace, this is an excellent opportunity to go inwards if we can’t go outwards. Take a deep dive into our past. Release, forgive and heal anything that is not serving your highest calling. Be vulnerable. Have those deep meaningful conversations. Give that person a call. Ask for help if you need to. Open up your heart. Introspect. Meditate. Purge. Feel to heal. Express not suppress. Be in tune with your chakras. Get acquainted with nature. Take time to care for yourself. Detox. Face your fears. Fill your cup with love and high vibrational energy. Cut out anything and anyone who’s not serving your highest purpose. Become whole again, be in your flow. Shine, sunshine. 

4. Connect With High Vibrational People 🤝

We are social creatures. We need each other. And we are the average of the five people we associated with the most. Come up with a list of high vibrational people you know and you want to know. Connect with them. Reach out, say hi, even if you don’t know them well. Through conversations, we will get inspired. Listen deeply. Exchange ideas. Have a DMC (deep meaningful conversation). Host online or offline gatherings. Connect awesome people together. Create a mastermind group. We are just people living on a rock drifting in the Universe. We are one. You never know what one conversation can lead to.  It may spark your next breakthrough!

5. Find Yourself 🔍

After all the more nurturing, Yin activities, you may find yourself with a new source of energy and you have an inclination to do something. You might not know what it is, but it’s okay. Successful people don’t start with what to do, they start with their why. Your purpose is your why. There’s an internal purpose and external purpose. Internal is who we want to ultimately become, and external is the impact we want to make on the world. 

“Example: Internal: To become as Enlightened as possible.

Internal: To create a more conscious and loving world.” 

Next, you want to get clear on how you would want to turn your purpose into reality. This can be called your how or your process. There are a million ways to reach your why. What’s your preferred way? Your strengths, skills, values and passions are a great starting point to your how.   

“Example: How: To increase the world’s vibration through impactful and conscious business’.” 

Next, it’s your what, which is what you are going to do. Your what could be being a researcher, entrepreneur, product manager, politician. Get deep and ask what it is exactly that I want? What is the lifestyle I want to live? What would be an awesome 5-year vision? Whatever comes up, decide and commit to the next best 5 courses of action. 

“Example: What: To help heart-centred founders succeed by helping them with on their personal growth.”

Why, how and what is called the Golden Circle developed by Simon Sinek. These are deep questions that will take time to uncover. Be patient but intentional. Work on yourself, don’t put this important work off. 

6. Get in a Rabbit Hole 🐰 

Once you get to know yourself more. I trust that a stream of serendipity, inspiration, and guidance will come. Next step is to take action, kindle your childlike curiosity and follow the rabbit. Get deep and concentrate on whatever your heart desires. Ask questions. Become an expert on your subject. Read at least 3 books on your subject. Uncover the hidden secrets. Get an insider perspective. Connect the dots. Get woke. Get excited. Find unconventional truths. Feel the possibilities, the urgency, the conviction. See the light. Awaken the giant within. 

7. Get Prepared – Set a Good Foundation 🏗

Once you do your research. More ideas, direction, will come to you. Your why, how and what might evolve. But now it’s time to take action and set a good foundation. Put that knowledge into good use. From your research, you will identify some key action steps for you to take. Action steps that once completed will make everything else easier, actions with high impact and low effort, actions that are important and urgent. Set that foundation with moves you know you have to, should, could and want to take. 

Financially, in these times it’s astute to set up a rainy fund for you and your family. Look into the currency and inflation risk. Allocate your currencies into assets that can protect your future purchasing power. Life wise, make sure you have enough basic necessities for at least 12 weeks. Generally, just set up whatever you can – your room, CV, to-do list, goal-setting system, investment accounts, website, insurance…etc Run those errands. Do life. Get prepared. 

8. Go on Offence 🏃‍♂️

Once you build that solid foundation. It’s time to go on the offence. Fully commit to whatever you have identified to be your next best steps to achieve your why. Go start that business, go hand in that CV, go study that course, go move to another country, go write that song, go plant that seed. Doesn’t matter what it is. It’s that heads down prime time grind time. Your ideas might not be perfect. But don’t get trapped in analysis paralysis. We will get wiser through the cycle of thinking, doing and reflecting. Get in the zone of brainstorming, researching, planning, strategizing, networking, experimenting, building, creating, design, presenting, marketing, visualising, performing… Use our precious time, energy, and knowledge to manifest what we desire. Put ourselves out there. Get out of our comfort zone. Every night go to bed knowing that you gave life your best. Living with no shame. Ready to do it again with zest the next morning. 

9. Keep on Growing 🌱

Develop a growth mindset. Be a lifelong learner. Know that your mind is malleable – capable of creating new neurological connections. Knowledge knows no boundaries. Graduation is only the beginning. You are just getting warmed up. Enlightenment is knowing what we don’t know. Keep learning. Keep feeding your brain quality information. Most people stop reading after University. Don’t be like most people. Don’t like reading? Try audiobooks, podcasts, conferences, retreats, courses, coaching, mentorship. There are a million things you can do to keep growing. But it all starts as an attitude. Your growth mindset will be your sustainable lifelong edge. 

10. Coach Yourself  🕹

Often the best advice is the advice you give yourself. Deep down, you already know what you need to do, why you are not doing it, and how to get yourself going. We have an innate deep source of intelligence, and to access it, all we have to do is direct our consciousness inwards. Be still, get out of our own way, listen to what our intuition is telling us. Be honest, and reflect. Write in your journal. Record yourself and just flow. Talk to yourself out loud any chance you get. Advise yourself just like how you would for your best friend. We are all so smart, so creative. Sometimes you just have to make space and time to generate the brilliant solutions that you are capable of. Whatever it is that you come up with. Feel as if it has already happened, live in that vibration, be that version of yourself you want to be and continuously take action from that state. We are our own biggest obstacle to our dreams. It’s always you vs you. The toughest battle is always the one within. Step into the hero’s journey and slay that dragon.  

Thank You 💛

I wish you found this article to be insightful. These are just my thoughts. I am learning and sharing. Writing and flowing. Following what makes me feel alive. If you vibe with my content, you can check out more of my articles below. I also have a personal & spiritual Youtube channel. If you want to work with me, I currently offer free coaching consultations for impact-driven, entrepreneurial individuals that are committed to their purpose and growth. Feel free to click here to apply if you think we are a good fit. 

That’s all from me right now. Love, peace, & Namaste.

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